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We take pride in being one of the premier pilot training academies in the country. We have a team of experienced and certified flight instructors who are dedicated to providing comprehensive training to our students. Our academy is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, modern aircraft, and cutting-edge technology, ensuring that you get the best possible training experience.


DGCA Ground Class

Most seasoned pilots would advise you to complete your groundwork before beginning your flight training when you ask them for advice. The DGCA gives students 30 months to complete the ground school courses for which it administers exams every three months in April, July, October, and January. <br/>You will be given the best chance of passing the PPL/CPL examinations by a group of skilled pilots who are experts in their fields. After passing the ground courses, it won't take you more than six months to complete the 200 hours of required flying training. 

a minimum of 33% in math and physics in the 10+2 or its equivalent. A Class II Medical (Indian) with a fitness certificate from a designated medical practitioner. Please note that a Class I Medical would be required for the issuance of a CPL License. If you didn't take Physics and Math in your 10+2 schooling, you have the option of taking these two subjects in the National Institute of Open Schooling's On-Demand Examinations and can still begin your Pilot training course. <br/>To begin pilot instruction, you must be at least 16 years old. One eye must have great vision. (6/6 eyesight) You can have a 6/9 defect in the other eye, which must be reversible to 6/6. Any ailment that might impair normal function must not affect you. <br/>To all applicants who want to start with ground training first, we provide immediate admission. You can register with us for Ground lessons for the DGCA examinations. <br/>In order to enrol into CPL training you also need to be proficient in English: you should be able to read, write and understand English.


CPL Training

Our team members are highly dedicated and trained proficiently to help our students achieve their endeavours. <br/>We provide our students with exclusive study material, questionnaires. Series of tests are conducted through the duration of the course to help them buckle up for the rather challenging DGCA exams. <br/>Our guidance transcends manual lectures, our CBT (Computer Based Training) have comprehensive audio-visual lectures that help make sessions more interesting and interactive. <br/>We also provide our students with Question Banks. <br/>The course duration is around 3-4 months.

The following topics are all covered in the CPL Ground classes:
Air Regulations
Aviation Meteorology
Air Navigation
Technical General
Technical Specific
Radio Telephony

Depending on whether the person plans to fly domestically or internationally, some subjects must be cleared. If you choose to fly in India, you must pass five written exams: one on navigation, two on technical, one on air regulations, one on meteorology, and one on radio telephony. With the help of our knowledgeable faculty and airline captains, we will make sure that your career takes off if you choose to fly internationally. You only need to pass the Navigation, Air Regulation, Meteorology, and Radio Telephony exams for the CPL.


Radio Telephony Restricted (Aeronautical)

The RTR (Aeronautical) exam consists of following two parts. <br/>Part 1: Practical test in Regulations and Procedures (Transmission) <br/>Part 2: Oral Exam (VIVA) in A) Regulation and Procedure B) Radio principles and practice

By offering top-notch RTR(A) Classes,  Instructors assist pilot candidates for Radio Telephony Restricted (Aeronautical) in passing the RTR(A) examination as quickly as feasible. <br/>• Exam: Part 1 <br/>Practical Examination <br/>• Exam: Part 2 <br/>Viva Exam (Oral)

Cadet Pilot Program

We provide training for the Cadet Pilot Programs (CPPS) provided by all major Indian airlines, including Air Asia, SpiceJet, and INDIGO. <br/>• Written Test Pilot Aptitude Test <br/>Psychomotor, Spatial Orientation & Physics Test. <br/>Group Discussion with Panel Personal Interview


Bsc. Aviation Degree

BSc Aviation is a 3 year course that focuses on the mechanical and scientific study of the aviation industry. It deals with the theoretical aspects of helicopters, aircrafts that helps in maintanance and improved performance. <br/>BSc Aviation Admission takes place through various entrance exams like AME CET, CUET etc. In order to be eligible for the course, the students must pass their 10+2 examination with a minimum 50% score. They should also have Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as their main subjects in 10+2.

IGRUA Entrance Prep

IGRUA-Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi is one of the best Flying School in India for Pilot Training. To start the Pilot Training in this school you need to clear a couple of entrance rounds listed by them. <br/>PHASE 1- WRITTEN TEST <br/>MATHS <br/>ENGLISH <br/>PHYSICS <br/>We provide notes for the above subjects with formulas and examples to help student recall the formulas and build up speed in solving the questions followed up with 15 mock test to make the student gain confidence and to access him on every level to improve his overall speed. <br/>PHASE 2- Pilot Aptitude Test- WOMBAT TEST <br/>We provide training for the Pilot Aptitude test so that the student is aware of the modules that are going to be asked in the test. <br/>PHASE 3- Personal Interview <br/>We prepare the student for Aviation related technical topics followed by HR mock interview questions which are mostly reflected in the Interview and which give a good boost to the student’s confidence.

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